RCBD comes in with many years of experience in finding innovative and forward looking, exciting and beautiful design ideas and knows how to implement them. 

System & Context thinking

RCBD knows ecosystems. Continuity of expression and behavior is key to create and maintain an unbroken customer experience as well as a coherent brand 

Design Excellence


RCBD has a proven track record in designing successful and award winning consumer products in various areas. We are a reliable and highly professional design partner for your next product development. 

Remote spark


RCBD brings out of the box thinking, a fresh perspective and neutral outsider’s view to your internal challenges identifying opportunities on a clean sheet.

Creative Conglomerate


RCBD is a network of creative experts handpicked to meet your individual project challenge. We are always bringing in the right resource and your budget is used where it is needed: at the design.



We roll up our sleeves and follow a strict work ethic based on collaboration and partnership. We always strive for manufacturable and practical solutions, designed for market success.

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TomTom has partnered with RCBD to develop a succeeding design language for their next generation personal SatNav devices suite, ranging from entry level to premium. 

The first product families out of this collaboration are the START and VIA ranges, boasting TomTom's latest innovations in adress search, routing and guidance in a slim and stylish package for the enjoyment of a priority driving experience. 

As an extension to the design language TomTom has launched the GO family, a range of premium navigation devices in a beautiful and contemporary form. The advanced functional experience and the performance oriented styling make these devices the most powerful PND's TomTom has ever developed.

Storz Medical AG Switzerland has partnered with RCBD on their next generation fully motorized urological lithotripter, resulting in an exciting, innovative and beautiful approach to contemporary medical device design.. 

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We want to inspire our clients to think bigger, aim higher, and achieve something meaningful, as we will:


  • take personal efforts in building up a healthy working relationship,

  • bring in lots of experience and passion for your product,

  • take time to find the relevant - not the quick solution,

  • strive for early concretion and hands-on pragmatism,

  • actively trigger strong opinions and polarized views instead of playing safe, 

  • listen and learn,

  • inspire you with out-of-the-box thinking for innovation and unique ideas your unique brand can own.




We immerse ourselves into the problem space and conduct initial evaluations on usage, brand, positioning, visual directions and potential for innovation. 


We come up with a variety of ideas and measure them against beauty, feasibility, novelty and overall design potential. 


We down-select our concepts to the most interesting ones and detail out a winning design with regards to manufacturability, cost effectiveness and stylistic excellence.  


We support the realization processes through regular check-ins, sample evaluations and design optimizations after technical review. 



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Over the years Ralph Christian Bremenkamp has worked on successful design programs for numerous international clients from various industries such as:


Products designed by Ralph Christian Bremenkamp have received 20+ design awards over the past years - which is a phantastic reward for tirelessly working on outstanding design quality.

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