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„stuul is re-thinking the toilet stool. We are turning a forgotten yet incredibly useful product into a contemporary, sustainable, practical and beautiful premium lifestyle article. It is the first attempt to disrupt this important product category through an innovative and holistic design approach."

By reinventing the toilet stool we have not only questioned form and architecture - but also the material. We have decided to design stuul to be made of high density particle foam to make the product as light as possible, very durable, skin friendly, warm to the touch- and also 100% recyclable without loss. stuul is produced climate neutrally in Germany. All production-related emissions are reduced to a minimum and all remaining CO2 emissions are offset with climate protection measures. The product variant 'Ocean' is made to a high percentage from recycled maritime waste like fishing nets. Shipment is also fully compensated by participating in climate change prevention projects. and if anyone ever wished to dispose of it the customers are invited to send it back to the production site so it can be directly fed back into the material cycle.

Client: JUUCE UG

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